Meet the Designer

Meet Yael Eisenberg

Discover the heart and soul of Eisen Stein Bridal through its founder, Yael Eisenberg. Fueled by her search for the perfect wedding dress during her own nuptials, Yael's journey led her from fashion design studies to establishing a brand that embodies her vision. In 2011, Eisen Stein Bridal emerged as a beacon of innovative, unique bridal fashion, resonating deeply with brides seeking something truly special.

Yael's design philosophy extends beyond mere aesthetics, embedding each collection with her own unique perspective and artistry. She personally crafts part of the laces and fabrics, ensuring that each gown reflects a blend of ultra-chic, feminine elegance and originality. Drawing inspiration from global trends, Yael weaves her passion for dressmaking into every creation, aiming to make each bride feel beautiful, confident, and empowered on their special day.

Eisen Stein Was Created To Celebrate The Women Who Wear Them.

Eisen Stein Bridal embodies a celebration of women, exuding power and beauty through its bespoke creations. Yael Eisenberg, with her global inspirations and unique perspective, meticulously crafts timeless bridal gowns. Each piece is a testament to her passion for dressmaking, ensuring flawless, unique finishes. This journey of transformation from dream to reality culminates in exquisite, high-fashion couture gowns, designed to enrich every bride's journey towards her happily ever after. This philosophy intertwines artistry with personalization, making each gown a symbol of elegance and the pinnacle of bridal couture.

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