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Lauren & Shayne


‘A Serendipitous Journey: From Chance Encounters to a Lakeside Proposal and a Dreamy Wedding’

Lauren and Shayne’s romance was written in the stars, with three accidental yet fateful encounters leading to their whimsical first date. On July 17th, exactly a year after they first met, their love story officially began, marking an unforgettable anniversary.

The Dream Proposal

In the magical setting of Lake Geneva, WI, Shayne’s heartfelt proposal under the starlit sky, following a dramatic downpour, was nothing short of perfect. With a stunning Grace Kelly ring and a surprise celebration on a vintage boat, their engagement was a fairy tale come to life.

Finding ‘The One’

Lauren’s quest for the perfect wedding dress led her to over 100 gowns, but her heart was set on an Eisen Stein creation. Her ‘dream dress’ at Mira Couture in Chicago was a match made in heaven, embodying her elegance and style.

A Wedding to Remember

Echoing their love’s enchantment, their wedding in Lake Geneva, themed ‘New England Coastal meets Nancy Meyers’, was a beautiful blend of romance and style. Every detail reflected their unique bond and the joy of their union.

Cherishing Every Moment

Lauren and Shayne’s wedding day was a dream realized, filled with love, laughter, and unforgettable memories. It was a day they would love to relive, a perfect start to their forever together.

Celebrating Love

Congratulations to Lauren and Shayne on their beautiful journey of love and commitment, a testament to serendipity, true love, and dreams fulfilled.


Photos by: Brooke Nash


Floral lace gown with beaded corset and off the shoulder pieces.

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